The Worcestershire 1000

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Future Utilities are delighted to announce that we are now a Worcestershire Champion - The Worcestershire 1000 is a family of local businesses, companies and individuals helping to tell Worcestershire's Story and promote the county far and wide. By sharing what makes Worcestershire special to all of our networks and customers, colleagues and friends. we hope to , together, build ONE WORCESTERSHIRE which attracts success and prosperity for all. Worcestershire has so much to offer and together a partnership of private sector companies and public sector organisations from across the county have developed this new approach to raise the profile of…

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Electricity Base Rates Have Increased by Nearly 100% Over The Last 12 Months!

We saw a decrease in the demand for fuel after the first lockdown happened and as a result, prices were at an all-time low. Prices are steadily increasing but there seems to be a number of different reasons for it. Recently, gas prices have been increasing because of an increase in demand and the effects of the meltdown last year. A reduction in electricity supply combined with an increase in gas prices has led to a higher price for wholesale electricity. The base rate for electricity alone has increased nearly 2-fold in the United Kingdom and is expected to continue.*source: www.theice.comThe…

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