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MPs Call For Business energy Price Cap

With the rising wholesale price of energy, some small and medium size enterprises (SMEs) are just days away from production being halted. The well documented Domestic Energy Price Cap was introduced in July 2018 in a bid to protect Households from the rising cost of energy, exactly why the Business Energy Market was not considered at this time is still anybody’s guess, but that might be about to change if Labour and Conservative MPs are successful. The government has been told by key leaders of the UK’s energy intensive manufacturers such as steel, ceramics, glass and paper, that unless something…

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Has Your Business Electricity or Gas Supplier Gone Bust?

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Since the historic rise in energy prices across the UK the industry has lost no less than 12 Energy Suppliers.To date there are a total of 12 suppliers that have closed their doors leaving approximately 2.3 Million Customers without a supplier!Market Regulator Ofgem are providing a safety net, a regulatory backstop which will do two things, most importantly it ensures that these customers maintain a supply and secondly protects any outstanding credit balances, the energy watchdog will then choose who the accounts are transferred to.The table below lists the energy suppliers that have ceased to trade, the date, number of…

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How to Compare Business Electricity – Step by Step Guide

We cannot compare business electricity providers without looking at the facts When comparing different providers of business electricity, you need to take a number of factors into account. You can’t just pick a company because it has a catchy slogan or promises the lowest rates on the market. You should make sure you take advantage of your renewal offer from your current supplier before getting quotes, as this could save you money in the long-term and could be a much more simple and faster process. Also it gives you a benchmark to see just how good the offers you find…

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