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Electricity Base Rates Have Increased by Nearly 100% Over The Last 12 Months!

We saw a decrease in the demand for fuel after the first lockdown happened and as a result, prices were at an all-time low. Prices are steadily increasing but there seems to be a number of different reasons for it. Recently, gas prices have been increasing because of an increase in demand and the effects of the meltdown last year. A reduction in electricity supply combined with an increase in gas prices has led to a higher price for wholesale electricity. The base rate for electricity alone has increased nearly 2-fold in the United Kingdom and is expected to continue.


The increase in rates is not likely to make a significant difference in how people consume energy, so expect bills to keep rising. The average business can save a substantial amount with just a few small changes. It is difficult to predict what the effect of these prices will have on businesses re-opening after lockdown but now is the time to ensure that you are with the right energy provider with the cheapest tariffs on the market. This is where Future Utilities can help you, with access to over 30 energy suppliers and some of the best rates on the market we are confident that we can give you peace of mind for the future!

This statement is based on the assumption that demand for electricity, which traditionally has been relatively insensitive to changes in price, will remain unchanged as more and more businesses, especially in the hospitality sector move to being open or fully open for normal business operation.

Compare Business Energy Tariffs Now!

Our energy tariff comparison website,, are pleased to announce that we offer a tariff comparison tool for businesses directly from our website. We also offer a bespoke service in the West Midlands where one of our qualified energy advisors will undertake an energy analysis completely free of charge! This service will not only allow us to collate the information required to run your quotes for your Business Electricity or Business Gas supply but we will also highlight areas in your operation where you could be saving money in the long run.

Our new online comparison tool will allow business owners to enter their postcode and business information with monthly usage and find out which tariffs would save them the most money. Everything can be processed online and you could be switched to your new provider and tariff in a matter of a few clicks!

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