How to Compare Business Electricity – Step by Step Guide

We cannot compare business electricity providers without looking at the facts

When comparing different providers of business electricity, you need to take a number of factors into account. You can’t just pick a company because it has a catchy slogan or promises the lowest rates on the market.

You should make sure you take advantage of your renewal offer from your current supplier before getting quotes, as this could save you money in the long-term and could be a much more simple and faster process. Also it gives you a benchmark to see just how good the offers you find are compared with your renewal quotes.

The key is to compare as many companies as possible before making a decision on who to go with. You could call around all of the suppliers that you know of like British Gas or E.on and get quotes, but this way you are not only taking up your valuable time but you are also restricting yourself to those companies, when actually a lot of the time there are great companies you maybe have not heard so much about with the best deal for you!

This is where our Business Energy Pricing Tool comes in, by working with over 30 suppliers and thousands of tariffs you can personally input your usage and details and get an immediate quote from every supplier available to you, giving you the best rates from the market for you Business Electricity Tariffs

How to use our Business Electricity Comparison Tool – a Step by Step Guide

1) Firstly head over to our Business Energy Pricing Tool

Business Energy Price Comparison Website

Here you will be presented with a search box to enter your postal code, simply enter your postal code in the box and choose Electricity from the drop down box and click the START QUOTE button

PCW page 2

2) On this next page you need to enter some basic information like your name, business name, address, company information etc. Simply enter your information and choose your address from the drop down box (do not worry if the name of your business is not there just choose the correct address as this sometimes is not updated) This will automatically fill the MPAN field, which is your unique identifier for your meter and type

Choose your PAYMENT TYPE, CURRENT SUPPLIER and DESIRED START DATE. For best results please choose a start date that is 30 days from today if Out Of Contract or choose the day after your CURRENT contract ends if you know it (this can be found on your latest bill or from your online account)

for USAGE (kWh) Please find this from either your Renewal Offer or from your latest bill/online account the more accurate this is the better the prices will be

Then click the I AGREE TO BE CONTACTED REGARDING THIS QUOTE if you do not click this and find a great deal, you will not be able to activate the deal and we cannot process the deal for you.

and click NEXT

PCW page 3

3) On this page you can now see your Price Comparison results, prices are listed in TOTAL ANNUAL COST order from the cheapest, so this tells you the name of the offering supplier, the term of the deal with them for example 3 years (36 months), the RATE in p/kWh, the daily standing charge in p/day and exactly what the years cost for your energy will be based on the USAGE you gave earlier.

You can now click on EMAIL ME MY QUOTES if you wish to peruse the offers at a later date or if you need to switch imminently then you can go ahead and click SELECT to choose that tariff and proceed with the deal.

Business Price Comparison page 4

4) After selecting the deal that you wish to go ahead with you are taken to the generate contract page, here we ask you to check over a few details and choose your BUSINESS TYPE from the drop down box (Limited Company, Sole Trader Etc.)

Enter your company number if applicable

if you are using less than 100,000 kWh in your business please click the THIS IS A MICRO BUSINESS option

Please read the Terms & Conditions and click to confirm

Please select the box to confirm that you wish to select this deal electronically. This means that all of the process of setting up your new deal will be done via email using Docusign which is a simple and easy to use digital signature platform

If you wish to keep updated with the latest news and marketing information for similar products please choose from the contact options


Price Comparison Website Final Page

You are now on your way to setting up your great new deal, look out for emails from us regarding your offer, please take time to read the offer thoroughly and should you have any questions please do feel free to contact us through CHAT or email: [email protected] for assistance.

Please be advised that there are strict time restraints on all offers made as the market is particularly turbulent at present, so if you have chosen a deal please open the email ASAP and get the deal signed and back to us as quickly as possible so as to avoid disappointment

5) That is your part done, Our Administration team will now cross all the T’s and dot all the I’s and ensure that your energy transfer goes smoothly.

Welcome to Future Business Utilities, please lookout for emails from us about further news and updates as well as to ensure you never miss your renewal, at Future Business Utilities LTD we have a customer care program that is essential and acts as a reminder, a little bit like your MOT reminder, better to have advanced warning about your contracts coming to an end than end up stuck in a variable rate paying way over the odds!

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