Business Energy Frequently Asked Questions

What is the maximum time left on my current supplier contract before I can agree a new contact?

If you were to contact your current provider yourself to negotiate your contract, you will find that the majority of suppliers will only let you change contract within 30 days.
The good news is that with our combined buying power and relationships with suppliers we can now offer to arrange your contract anything up to 3 years in advance!
Most businesses unfortunately only start their research 4-6 months ahead of their current contract end date! This means missing out on a lot of opportunity for cheaper business electricity.
Some companies negotiate for their electricity more than a year in advance and others leave it until the last minute. Thats where Future Utilities comes in! We will monitor your contracts for the life of our relationship meaning you will never need to worry about the FUTURE of your ELECTRICITY BILLS!
The important thing to remember though is that although you can deal with us today for a contract commencing in 12, 24, 36, 48 or even 60 months time, it will not take effect until your existing contract has elapsed. You cannot switch to a better business electricity or business gas contract until your current deal ends but you can agree to a deal with us at any point that suits you! And secure the BEST DEAL at the RIGHT TIME!

Can I switch my Business Electricity or Business Gas Supplier NOW?

You’ll normally be able to switch to new business electricity or business gas supplier if:
you’re not tied into your contract – it’s important to check when your contract ends and how much notice you’ll need to give if you want to switch
you’re on a ‘default’, ‘standard’ or ‘deemed’ tariff – this is a tariff you didn’t choose to be on, for example, if you’ve taken over new premises or your old deal has expired
If you’re not sure, We can always check for you – Contact us if you think you should be able to switch but your supplier won’t let you.

How long will my Business Electricity or Business Gas Switch take?

Unlike the domestic sector your business cannot switch straight away unless you are currently out of contract*
As a result the time it takes to switch will be entirely dependent on your current contract end date.
The physical process of ‘registration’ with your new supplier can only start 28 days in advance of your current contract end date.
In the majority of instances your switch will then go live the day after your current contract ends. meaning your business energy savings have already begun!

* Your business will not be in a fixed term contract if:
* You have recently moved into a premises and have not agreed a contract with an energy supplier
* You have provided the correct termination notice to your supplier but have not left their supply following your contract end date

Do you have an active API options?

Yes, but we also offer variable and flexible deals to the right business if the offer is more suitable. Our contracts are available from 12 months to 5 years enabling us to secure the FUTURE of your BUSINESS ELECTRICITY and BUSINESS GAS!


What size and types of businesses do you support?

Everything and everyone! No business is too large or too small to benefit from switching business energy suppliers!
Our current list of business types to name a few
Bars and Inns
Restaurants and takeaways
Retail shops
Farms and smallholdings
Body shops
and many more.

Why can’t I just go to the supplier direct and get these rates myself?

Put plainly, we can offer better deals for the majority of businesses because we match the right energy SUPPLIER, (over 30 suppliers) to the right BUSINESS, saving the energy companies costly investment in advertising and promotions.
This results in the suppliers are better able to budget their marketing costs, meaning can they can provide more competitive prices by utilising our services to find them customers.
Marrying up the perfect couple, Business + Supplier = Secure Future

Who are our suppliers? Just the Big 6?

British Gas Energy Suppliers
If you’re seeking an energy supplier for your company, you may wish to pick British Gas. Here at Future Utilities, we have all of the info you need for this business energy provider.
British Gas, being among the large six energy providers in the United Kingdom, provides excellent potential for company owners. With cheap prices and a simple method to switch, it can be the ideal energy option. British Gas was the earliest energy provider in the united kingdom. After countless campaigns and media exposure, it’s tough to envision any firm owner not knowing their title. Founded by Centrica, the company is the biggest of the six electricity businesses.
We’ve got all the newest details on British Gas to be certain you could make an educated choice when choosing whether to switch.
British Gas provide commercial and business energy for clients, with a number of the best prices available in the industry. In Scotland, they are better known under the title Scottish Gas but would be the exact same business. We believe you’ll be incredibly happy with what this electricity firm could mean to your company.

British Gas Business Energy
British Gas has a totally separate section of the company specializing in clients who own businesses. For this reason, they could provide excellent solutions to commercial clients with a targeted strategy. The business has offered energy solutions to companies both large and small. They know the strain that company owners are experiencing to decrease company expenses. They try to make this simpler for business owners with cheap prices.
Businesses may register for one, two, or even three-year deals. Many businesses could be qualified to utilize a smart meter. This lets them keep an eye on the energy use and be certain they don’t overspend.
British Gas supplies companies with a 90-day notice and the invoices can be created by direct debit or paid online. It’s simple to handle your invoices and assess how much energy you are using. You may also utilize feedback to lower your amount of energy intake.
How Can I Switch My Business To British Gas?
Here at Future Utilities,we enable the switching to British Gas to be a simple task for you. Simply call 0800 8611808, or you could email [email protected]. We’ll help you compare prices and be certain shifting is the perfect choice for your company.
The most important thing is that British Gas might be a fantastic match for your small business. Their prices are tough to better, and using their solutions has a large selection of experts. If you are not convinced, let’s assess and compare the prices for you. We constantly strive to be certain our customers obtain the very best bargain.

CNG: Business Gas Suppliers
If your organization is mad about eco-efficiency and conserving gas, then look no farther than CNG. They’re the go-to business should you require business gas that’s excellent value for money. We have got all the advice on if CNG could be the ideal energy firm for your company.
CNG has been around the United Kingdom energy market for 20 decades. The supplier of commercial energy concentrates on making certain their clients get brilliant prices in their own fuel.
Energy savings are still of fantastic significance for UK companies. Executives and owners are trying to make their businesses as effective as possible. Together with CNG, this conflict can be obtained as they provide great chances for simple savings and payments.
Most recently, CNG was creating a carbon monoxide scheme. Dealing with environmental businesses, they do much more than any other fuel company to maintain the world beautiful.
CNG For Business
Especially for companies that are looking to make going green their high priority.
CNG business customers are able to anticipate these advantages as utilizing smart meters. Smart meters enable business owners to look at their energy use. They are even able to look at what regions of the business are using up the most.  For this reason, CNG may offer the smartest choice for clients seeking to cut company expenses.
If you are concerned about customer support, you do not have to worry about CNG.  The company are client accredited. This means they’re among those companies recognised for offering the very best support to their clients.
Rates for CNG electricity are competitively priced to present the very best deal for company owners.  They have a vast selection of deals and offers that will make energy use more economical.  In addition to this, their off-the-shelf electricity program can make sure that invoices are as dependable as you can.   This precision allows a much better charging process.  Company owners are able to keep in addition to their energy use and do not need to worry about excess fees.
How Can I Switch My Business To CNG
If you are considering switching to CNG, we could make it effortless for you. Switching your electricity supplier is a huge decision with big consequences. It may impact your bottom line in addition to your own ROI. We would like to assist you to make the best choice for your company. Should you contact us, we will evaluate the truth, compare the prices and offer you the best alternative.
If you believe CNG is the best selection for your small business, do not waste time exploring. Let’s do that for you and make certain you’ve got peace of mind creating the change.
[email protected] 08008611808

Corona: Business Gas Suppliers
Corona Energy is among the most common independent energy providers for business energy in the United Kingdom. More than 11 percent of their industrial and commercial gas marketplace is delivered by these. They supply solutions to approximately 11,000 clients. Their intention is to present high-quality operations to commercial companies. It’s important to them that their clients and customers get the very best services available in the industry.
If your small business or company is trying to find a different way to approach energy goals, Corona might have the solution you require. Their business model isn’t readily compared to other energy suppliers available in the industry. That is what makes it brilliant.
The business has been growing quickly during the past couple of years as a result of an overwhelming show of support by company owners.
Corona Energy for Business
They constantly strive to offer fast and effective solutions for issues. It may be frustrating searching for customer support and always being put on hold. Corona understands that a business proprietor is of fantastic importance. That is why they never place their customers in this place. Should you require help, you’ll get through to a professional operator within seconds.
But, that’s only one sector that uses their solutions. Their vast array of satisfied clients and customers extend across the UK with large and small businesses alike.
The energy supplier has certain support for companies that invest less than £100,000 on gas and electricity per annum. They aim to be certain small and medium-size companies get energy resources in the very best value for money. Prices could be fixed for a couple of decades. This protects these businesses from varying energy prices.
Corona also supplies a brand new meter reading service that they refer to as AMR. Gas consumption can be tracked correctly, and this can be of immense advantage to company owners. It means, as soon as you change to Corona energy, then you’re free from horrible quotes that cost a lot of money. There’s not been a more precise evaluation for assessing energy use.
How Can I Switch My Business to Corona Energy
Do you believe Corona energy could be the ideal supplier for your business? If so, why don’t you contact us now on 0800 8611808 or [email protected] with your own application? We are going to help you decide on whether to switch simply by supplying you with the details. Here at Future Utilities, we’re proud to utilize Corona Energy. They’re among the most effective independent energy suppliers available in the industry. Corona energy has attracted invention into a business that desperately wanted to be modernised. As a result, they’ve guaranteed wonderful support is available for clients just like you.

Dual Energy: Compare Commercial Energy Suppliers
Dual energy is the Business energy supplier that are pioneering to attract energy savings to the technological era.
They’ve managed to reduce business costs throughout the United Kingdom for the past couple of years. The business is constantly pushing for large and small companies to take their first step towards the eco-efficient model.
Costs and prices for the BIG 6 energy suppliers have risen lately. Here at Future Utilities, we believe they’re succeeding. They’re giving an excellent service at an inexpensive price. In addition to this, they’re using technology to increase customer experience.
Dual Energy provides a client focused and more economical approach to this problem of utility expenses. The client support team are trained to take care of any problems, complaints, or concerns. Their principal focus is on providing an efficient and effective reaction to customers.
Dual Energy For Business
The largest advantage for companies considering switching to Dual Energy would be the Smart meters. Many company energy providers provide smart meters to their clients. But, Dual Energy is the only one that is pushing for each company to have a Smart meter by 2020. Most firms add smart meters on their support for an excess price. When you change to Dual Energy, they’ll set up one for you without any cost.
Why are Smart meters so significant? They enable business owners to maintain an accurate history of their energy use. Among the greatest benefits is accurate charging. Before, there have been many complaints regarding readings being incorrect. Smart meters will put a stop to this matter and help clients change their energy use habits.
Clients who have signed on for this service have noted changes in their own energy use. This is a result of a better comprehension of how they use energy and that which costs them the most cash. Working toward the Smart meter initiative, Dual Energy is pushing all companies, large and small, to become green.
The Smart meter is not the only benefit of switching to Dual Energy. They’ve become among the most dependable and reliable providers and constantly work with their clients to supply better support. Their rates are tested against competition with rivals on the current market to check if they will need to be reduced.
How To Switch my Business To Dual Energy?
Dual Energy knows that gas and energy prices can be a tricky burden for smaller companies. They want everybody to have the ability to use the available technology and also make them easier to handle. You can contact us on 08008611808 or email us at [email protected] We can supply you with all of the info you want on this provider and organize a hassle-free switch for your company.
Energy prices are always likely to be an issue for business owners. With Dual Energy as your supplier, you are able to make things easy.

EON: Compare Business Energy Suppliers
E.ON is a part of the biggest investor-owned power businesses in the United Kingdom. In contrast to larger energy companies like British Gas, it’s a smaller company. They have approximately nine million employees on call to assist business owners to find the very best energy prices. The business services five thousand people in the United Kingdom alone! This makes E.ON one of the very popular energy suppliers in the United Kingdom.
Even though they are among the BIG 6 electricity companies in the united kingdom, in addition, they run across Europe. The E.ON group supplies electricity to a number of the largest companies operating across Europe. E.ON is continually in the news and the press, with funds for massive advertising campaigns.
The firm, like most of those other huge energy companies, are constantly working towards cleaner energy. They’ve set up new plants that are more conventional than normal energy industrial operations. The organization has also committed a great deal of funds towards renewable sources of electricity.
Because of this, companies might want to compare their prices and think about switching.
E.ON For businesses
E.ON now have fixed cost plans for 1 to 3 years. They offer business owners more control over their energy expenses. Company owners can feel assured that energy prices won’t fluctuate and change with industry prices.
The energy supplier makes things simple for business owners. Everything from paying the bills to altering the prices could be performed online. There is paperless billing, which keeps everything easy and allows business owners to prevent snail-mail bills. It is all clear, simple, and easy for business owners to use.
It is possible to use our services to compare E.ON business prices with other businesses. If you are interested in making the switch, we will finish all the work for you. Or, if you’re establishing your company, we can get you started with this fantastic energy team.
The provider provides separate energy plans based on the size of the business enterprise. Small and medium-sized businesses can anticipate affordable rates that are simple to pay. They won’t need to worry about being under the same stipulations of a company with half-hour meters.
How To Switch my Business To E.ON
Thinking of making the switch? Just phone us on 08008611808 or email [email protected]. We could make the change easy and supply all of the data which you require.
E.ON prides itself on working with business clients. They would like to ensure their energy support is tailored to the requirements of every corporation. Employing E.ON, you are able to guarantee you will have an excellent customer care staff available. Whether you need info on renewable energy or information tailored to your enterprise. Having an end to end support that you could depend on, E.ON give a fantastic energy source alternative for your business.

GazProm: Compare Business Gas Suppliers
They explore new places and areas to provide for companies throughout the world. The energy business is the holder of the largest natural reserve of gasoline on earth. It’s also the only firm that investigates liquified gas from Russia. In addition to this, Gazprom has a huge gas transmission system that expands over 168 million kilometres.
The providers aim to become a supply of gas that’s both dependable and productive. Although, gas is only one fuel that the provider provides. It’s also a superb source and vendor of Oil. The company exports gas to Russia and half of other nations throughout the world.
As one of the top four oil manufacturers in Russia, Gazprom is constantly seeking to enlarge its horizon. Within the upcoming few decades, Gazprom would like to become among the world’s largest energy suppliers. It’s going to do that by working towards the best potential possible and researching new techniques to deliver energy to customers. They’re already number one on the planet for producing renewable energy.
Gazprom For Business
For companies, Gazprom provides fixed Gas contracts which are between one and five years. These contracts that are fixed are created for small and small-scale companies. The business describes the service as SHIELD Business Gas since it protects clients from higher prices.
For larger companies, the business provides tailored energy contracts. These could be shaped to your particular needs and requirements of the business in question. Businesses on such contracts are usually spending £7-8000 each year on gas costs.
Business owners are able to obtain their Business Electricity from this provider too. To make matters simpler, Electricity contracts can be obtained for 1-2 years at predetermined rates. Although, the method by which the energy is used could impact the sort of plan provided.
Gazprom started offering gas to company clients in late 2006 and subsequently followed electricity three years after. The company delivers a broad selection of advantages. Firms that use Gazprom can expect clean and precise billing with superior client services. Plans are economical, and Gazprom is constantly looking ahead of time. They place a great deal of funds into innovative thoughts designed to help business owners throughout the world.
How To Switch My Business To Gazprom?
If you would like to understand whether switching to Gazprom could benefit your organization, we can assist. You Simply Need to phone Future Utilities on 08008611808 or email [email protected]; We’ll be delighted to supply you with all of the data which you need to make an educated option. The principal reason for switching your energy provider would be to save money and reduce prices. That is the aim we need for our clients. We want to Be Certain You’re getting the best energy source for the Money
Changing to Gazprom might be the solution. Especially if you would like to have an energy supplier that’s always focussed on innovation.

Haven Power: Compare Business Energy Suppliers
What’s it about the support of the company that makes it distinctive from the rest?
For us, here at Future Utilities we believe the business is emphasising their exceptional support. The brilliant way they manage customer requests a great service that is simple to establish.
Contrary to other energy providers, Haven doesn’t differentiate between large and small companies. Their intent is to supply all businesses, large and small, with fantastic support which they can depend on. Inside their business model, Haven Power provides business owners the opportunity to gain renewable energy. They maintain focus on CCL (Climate Change Levy) helping their clients to provide an greener service.
Haven Power For Business
Among the things which make Haven distinct is their complete focus on products. As a result of this linear business design, they could provide additional focus. They could then give their clients the very best power solutions. Expert advice will remain available to their clients with a personalised service that’s user friendly.
On Haven Assured, you’ll have full fixed electricity prices for the duration of your contract. The terms and conditions are clear and succinct, ensuring that you understand what you are getting. Haven’s pristine billing service makes things easy. Company owners will always have the ability to keep an eye on the power use.
Here at Future Utilities, we’ve got a fantastic working relationship with Haven Power. We are especially fond of just how much they value and care for their clients. This is an energy company owners can trust to always provide the very best in power supplies. We also love the effort that they put towards helping companies lower their carbon emissions.
How can I switch My Business To Haven Power?
You could be thinking about switching to Haven Power. Our specialist group and simple to use applications can assist you in finding out more. Here, you are able to compare, comparison and assess whether Haven Power is your most effective electric alternative for your business.
You may get in touch with our staff on 08008611808 or email us at [email protected]. We’ll work to get all of the info you want to make the perfect choice for your energy supply.
By focusing only on energy, then they could provide modern small business customers precisely what they need a technology orientated service with contracts that are simple to comprehend and manage.

Opus Energy: Compare Business Energy Suppliers
Opus Energy provides electricity and gas to over 275,000 companies across the United Kingdom. The distribution business was started in 2002 and saw great success in the energy marketplace. Their intention is to simplify energy problems for their business clients. They would like to make it much easier for them to cover, save money, and receive trusted support.
Although not one of the BIG 6, they’re among the biggest independent energy companies in the United Kingdom. We believe they give fantastic support to customers. Winning these significant customers, you know that you are in great hands with this corporation.
The provider has the goal of incorporating more innovation into the energy marketplace. They would like to make matters better for company owners across the United Kingdom. That is the reason why they’ve introduced a ‘purchase your power’ initiative. If you create your very own solar energy or electricity out of any renewable supply, they will buy it off you. This is a superb way to broaden your company earnings, especially if you’re already set up with renewable energy.
Opus Energy For Business
For Opus Energy, it is about saving their commercial customers as much cash as they can. To do so, they’ve financed and invested in a complex arrangement. They only hire the very best, skilled employees to prepare their operations and keep the wheels spinning. Their advanced practices are next to none, and they’ll save business owners enormous quantities on electricity. They can afford to since the business has managed to lower their own expenses already.
As an advanced energy business, Opus are constantly focused on supplying renewable energy where possible. They will always attempt to provide their clients the greenest source accessible. For example. as an electricity provider, Opus is attentive to the construction pressure to defend the environment. They would like to help fuel this target using a service company owners are able to rely on. Cheaper fuel is helpful to the company owner and the whole planet.
Business clients may register for Opus Energy goods on a single, two or three-year contract. As soon as your distribution was established, you will find managing your electricity use simple. Opus Energy functions entirely online. Everything from viewing your invoice to handling your contract is straightforward.