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Has Your Business Electricity or Gas Supplier Gone Bust?

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Since the historic rise in energy prices across the UK the industry has lost no less than 12 Energy Suppliers.

To date there are a total of 12 suppliers that have closed their doors leaving approximately 2.3 Million Customers without a supplier!

Market Regulator Ofgem are providing a safety net, a regulatory backstop which will do two things, most importantly it ensures that these customers maintain a supply and secondly protects any outstanding credit balances, the energy watchdog will then choose who the accounts are transferred to.

The table below lists the energy suppliers that have ceased to trade, the date, number of customers and the chosen supplier that will take over these supplies.

Symbio50,000E.ON Next
Igloo180,000E.ON Next
Enstroga6,000E.ON Next
Avro 600,000Octopus
People's Energy 350,000British Gas
Utility Point 200,000EDF
PFP Energy 80,000British Gas
Moneyplus Energy 9000British Gas
HUB Energy 15,000Eon Next
Simplicity Energy 50,000British Gas Evolve
Green Network Energy 367,500EDF

If you are a business owner and your Business Energy Suppliers have gone bust, then this section is for you. This article looks at what happens if your Business Electricity or Business Gas Supplier ceases to trade and what you can do next. 

This section looks at the situation when a Business Electricity Supplier or Business Gas Supplier ceases trading. If this is the case, then they will no longer be supplying electricity or gas to customers including businesses like yours. But there are steps that you can take to make sure that this does not bring your business to its knees too!

Firstly DO NOT initiate any kind of switch or transfer to another supplier while your account acquisition is being processed! This will only lead to complications obtaining your credit if any and may also delay the transfer to the acquiring supplier AND the supplier you wish to have in the end, meaning your paying higher prices while waiting!

Instead please either wait until the process has been completed and your accounts including any credit have been transferred to your acquiring supplier. Or you can use the table above to find your acquiring  supplier and contact them directly in an attempt to speed things up.

When your accounts have been successfully transferred this is the time to start looking for a better Business Energy Deal, admittedly the Energy Market Tariffs are at record highs but our Business Energy Price Comparison Tool will certainly offer better deals than the rate given by the acquiring supplier.

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